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Journal of Modern Chinese History (9th Volume)

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Political and Military Studies on Early Republic of China
Zhang Yong: Lu Cabinet Crisis and Provisional Senate Setback in Early Republic of China
Zhong Cheng: Identification of Zhang Zongxiang’s Treachery
Kuang Zhiwen: Review on Guo Songling’s Opposition to Fengtian Clique in 1925 from Military Perspective
Selected Readings from Sino-Japan Postgraduate Forum
Shi Hongzhi: Transformation from Ancient to Modern and Connection of China and Foreign Countries: the Formation of Modern “bankruptcy” Concept
Chen Ming: Discussion about the Founding of Education Department and Industry Department in 1917
Yi Binglan: Discussion and Analysis on the Origin of Liaoning Province National Diplomatic Association
Pan Jiling: Chinese Society and State Theory of Ju Pu
Wu Heng: “Chinese and Dogs” & “‘Chinese’” and ‘Dogs’” – Re-inspections Centered on the Archives of Shanghai Municipal Council about the Facts and Rumors of Discrimination against Chinese in Shanghai Concession Parks
Li Huiqiang: Review of Japan’s Modern Times Studies on Chinese Nationality and Reflections on Relevant Issues

Monographic Studies
Wang Lijuan, Su Zhiliang: Studies on Shanghai Simon Women and Children Hospital(1844-1912)
Liu Junfeng: Hangzhou Monetary Industry in the Political Reform in Late Qing Dynasty and Early Republic of China
Sun Wen and Toyohiko Kagawa:Centered on the 1920 Meeting in Shanghai Written by Naoya Hamada and Translated by Tao Bo
Reflections on Xinhai Revolution Studies
Pan Guangzhe: Between Similarities and Differences: Reflections on Xinhai Revolution Studies
He Zhuo’en: Taiwanese Scholars’ Exposition on the Characteristics of Xinhai Revolution


Zhang Kaiyuan: Eternal Regret – A Past Story of Going through the Formalities of Visiting Hometown and Relatives for Qian Mu in the Summer of 1990
Fang Dingyi: A Biography of Fang Juehui – Commemoration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of Father’s Death

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