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The Publication of the 11 Volumes of Zhang Kaiyuan’s Collection

Time:October 8, 2015    clicks:

The 11 volumes of Zhang Kaiyuans Collection were published by the Central China Normal University Press recently.The corpora were arranged according to different historical periods and research fields, mainly including Mr. Zhang’s researches on the Revolution of 1911, Zhang Jian, Ideology and Culture and Nanjing Massacre, as well as his essays, prefaces and record of speeches and interviews. It is a comprehensive collection of Mr. Zhang's achievements in academic research, educational management, social thinking, and civilization dialogue since the 1950s. Mr. Zhang  reviewed and approved the Collection personally, and the scholars and experts of the Institute of Modern Chinese History attended the collection and sorting of this large academic corpora.

This 11-volume Zhang Kaiyuans Collection is the most comprehensive and authoritative compilation of Mr. Zhang's works and speeches with more than 4.6 million words, which is an overall inventory of Mr. Zhang's more than sixty years of academic life. Not only does it focus on Mr. Zhang’s historical thoughts and academic achievements, but also it fully demonstrates his academic experience, educational philosophy and personality charm.

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