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The Chinese history scholar team of CCNU successfully held the special forum of the World Economic History Conference

Time:September 17, 2018    clicks:

Recently, the 18th World Economic History Conference with the theme of "Globalization Wave" was held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). With Professor Ma Min, the director of the Institute of Modern Chinese History, and Professor Li Peide, the deputy dean of the Institute of Asian Studies of our university as conveners, Professor Takeshi Hamashita, a famous Japanese scholar, distinguished professor of CCUN and the dean of the Institute of Asian Studies, Professor Li Zhongqing of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Professor Wang Guobin of University of California, Los Angeles as commentators, the Chinese history team of our university hosted a parallel forum with the theme of "Exchange, Interaction and Evolution of Businessmen, Commerce and Their Organizations in the Pacific Rim since the 19th Century", received wide attention from delegates.

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