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        He Zhuoen, who was awarded the title Professor and Doctoral Supervisor, was born in Anlu, Hubei province in 1963. He once engaged in researches relating to politics and taught in the Department of Political Science of Wuhan University of Technology. He was transferred to Institute of Chinese Modern History of Huazhong Normal University in 2006; consequently, he turned to studying the history of China’s political thought and the history of academic culture in the 20th century, especially the political and cultural ethos in Taiwan in the last half of the 20th century.

Representative works:
Yin Haiguang and Liberalism in Modern China, published by Shanghai Joint Publishing Company in 2004.

‘Free China’ and Ethos of Liberalism in Taiwan, published by Taipei Buffalo Book Co.in 2008.

New Heritage of Liberalism, published by Jiuzhou Press in 2013.

Political Ethos in Modern China, published by Hubei People’s Publishing House in 2005. He Zhuoen co-authored the book.

The Evolution of Academic Culture Along the Yangtze River Valley in Modren Times, published by Wuhan Publishing House in 2007. He Zhuoen co-authored the book.

Centennial Memory and Interpretation for the 1911 Revolution (the third volume),published by Huazhong Normal University Press in 2011. He Zhuoen co-authored the book.

Commentary and Annotation on Liang Qichao’s ‘Li Hongzhang’, published by Hubei People’s Publishing House in 2004.

His others works include A Collection of Yin Haiguang’s Essays, A Compilation of Yin Ziheng’s and Zhang Chunyi’s works, A Collection of Wei Zhengtong’s Essays, A Collection of Xia Daoping’s Essays, A Collection of Hu Shi’s Essays and so on.

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