Xu Xiaoqing

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     Xu Xiaoqing, who was awarded the title Professor, was born in Qichun, Huebi province in 1969. His research work covers the history of Chinese modern thought and culture and the history of education.

Representative works:
Political Situation and Institution: from Southeast University to National Central University (1919-1937), published by China Social Sciences Press in 2009.

Sincerity, Simplicity, Sturdiness and Greatness: Luo Jialun, the President of National Central University, published by Shandong Education Press in 2012.

Long Live the Year 1903: Revolutionary Ethos and Revolutionary Movements in 1903, published by Huazhong Normal University Press in 2001. Xu Xiaoqing co-authored the book.

The 1911 Revolution and the Development of Chinese Politics, published by Huazhong Normal University Press in 2005. Xu Xiaoqing co-authored the book.

The Evolution of Academic Culture Along the Yangtze River Valley in Modren Times, published by Wuhan Publishing House in 2007.Xu Xiaoqing co-authored the book.

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