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Luo Fuhui

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          Luo Fuhui, who was born in Wuhan, Hubei province in March, 1945, was awarded the title Professor and Doctoral Supervisor and once served as the Bureau Chief of History Research Institute. He is also the executive member of the council of Association of JingChu Culture Research and vice president of Hubei Yanghuang Culture Research Association, devoting himself to studying the history of 1911 Revolution, history of Chinese modern thought and culture, history of Hubei district and the history of cultural exchange between China and foreign countries.

Representative works:
A Study on Zhang Taiyan’s Ideology, published by Huazhong Normal University Press in 1986. Luo Fuhui co-authored the book.

National Conditions, Civilian Nature and Modernization: Centering Around Cultural Issues Between Japan and Chian, published by Hunan People’s Publishing House in 1988.

Introspection Made by Comparison: a Study on China’s Early Modernization, published by Zhejiang People’s Publishing House in 1993. Luo Fuhui co-authored the book.

Academic Culture in Hubei in the Last Three Centuries, published by Wuhan Publishing House in 1994.

A Study on the Thought of Chinese Nationalism, published by Huazhong Normal University Press in 1996. Luo Fuhui co-authored the book.

Comprehensive History of Hubei (the Late Qing Dynasty), published by Huazhong Normal University Press in 1999.

A Study on the Elite Culture During the 1911 Revolution, published by Huazhong Normal University Press in 2001.

Modern Social Ethos Along the Yangtze River Valley, published by Hubei Education Press in 2004.

Yellow Peril: Antagonism and Dialogue Between East and West, published by Taipei New Century Publishing Co. in 2007.

Profound Vestiges: A collection of Luo Fuhui’s Essays on History and Culture, published by Hubei People’s Publishing House in 2013.

His other works include A Collection of Ju Zheng’s Essays, Historical Theories in Ancient China: a Summary, Anthology of Yang Dongchun’s Academic Works, Comprehensive Mirror to Qing Dynasty, A New Collection of the history of 1911 Revolution, Centennial Memory and Interpretation for the 1911 Revolution and so on.

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