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Zhou Yuefeng: The Popularization of the Term "New Cultural Movement" after the May Fourth Movement and the Evolvement of Its Early Meaning

Time:April 6, 2017    clicks:

    Previous research often treats the "New Cultural Movement" as a clearly defined term,but when this term firstly appeared,it was both a slogan for the reform movement and a noun to describe the situation then.It was used with various meanings.Its early meaning was different from intellectual and artistic discussion before the May Fourth Movement,and different from social and political revolutions afterwards.After the May Fourth Movement,it was used to refer to various social refroms and gradually became popular.Facing the diverging intellectual arena,many scholars hoped to integrate the reforming power by forming a shared agenda.After their failure to do so,they all tried to redefine and narrate the "New Cultural Movement"  according to their agendas.During this process,the framework of China/West and modernity/traditon, featured by Hu Shi,and that of class struggle,represented by the Chinese Communist Party,were formed and had far-reaching influence.These two frameworks became the primary narratives of the New Cultural Movement afterwards.

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