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Peng Nansheng,Li Zhongqing:Why did the Grasscloth Handicraft Industry Decline in Modern China:Analysis on the view of the Crisis of Exporting Grasscloth to Korea and the Response in 1920s to 1930s.

Time:September 6, 2016    clicks:

Abstract:In 1920s to 1930s, Chinese grasscloth handicraft industry has declined gradually. One important reason is the loss the Korea market step by step.During that time, the crisis of exporting grasscloth to Korea and the grasscloth handicraft industry decline is complementary to each other.From the begining of 1920s,Japan has increased the import tariffs of Chinese grasscloth gradually,implementing the policy of replacing importing Chinese grasscloth by machine industry products,such as rayon.The advantage of the low cost and price of the grassclothdisappeared totally.Gradually expelled from the Korea market nearly in ten years,ChinesegrassclothhandicraftindustryfellintodespairbeforeAnti-Japanese war.Besides,lacking of adequate Supervisionfromchinesegovernment,cuttingcorners , dopingandcheatingetcduringproducingandsellingingrasscloth industry is furtherexacerbating the decline of grassclothhandicraftindustry.AfterJapanlaunched an all-out war againstChina,Chinesegrassclothhandicraftindustryneverrecovered.

Key Words:Grasscloth; Handicraft Industry; Machine Industry

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