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A Memoir of Gu Weijun Written by Gu Weijun and Translated by Tang Gangde, Zhonghua Book Company, 2013 Version

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      Invited by US Columbia University, Gu Weijun, a renowned modern Chinese diplomat, participated in “Oral History Project” of the university. Altogether 5 scholars compiled the memoir according to Mr. Gu’s dictated information and left files. It took them 17 years to finish the compilation of 11,000 pages in total. The recorded history, characters and cases in the memoir disclose quite a few backgrounds and stories behind the scenes barely known for outsiders. It is important first-hand material for modern Chinese history, especially diplomatic history. Zhonghua Book Company published the first volume in 1983 and the full version in 1994. But few books of full version were retained because of the long publication period and volume-by-volume publication. As is required by readers, the book is re-published with the original 13 volumes re-composed. The errors in the original version are corrected and photographs are added. Complete set of hardback is available to all readers.

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