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Award Announcement of the First "Hu Shih Scholarship"

First Prize Winner:

Xi Jiabing,Research on Hu Shih's Thought of 'Chinese Renaissance'

(Doctoral Thesis, School of Humanities, Beijing Language and Culture University, June 2013)

Second Prize Winners:

1.Zhang Shuke,The Formation and Characteristics of Hu Shih's Concept of Freedom: An Investigation from the Perspective of His Reading Experience (Before 1917)

(Doctoral Thesis, Department of History, East China Normal University, May 2016)

2. Lin Jiangang,Research on Hu Shih's Image before His Death

(Doctoral Thesis, School of Liberal Arts, Nankai University, May 2016)


1. According to the preliminary examination results of the Institute of Modern Chinese History, Central China Normal University in 2016 and the final examination results of Hu Shih Memorial Hall.

2. Awarding ceremony of First Prize Winner:

(1)Time: December 17th, 2016 (Saturday).

(2)Venue: Hu Shih Memorial Hall, Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica.

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