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Professor Guan Xiaohong, Professor Sang Bing from Zhongshan University Made a Panel Discussion with the Students and Teachers of Our Institute
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         At 16:00 on September 7th, 2013, Professor Sang bing, Professor Guan Xiaohong from Zhongshan University were invited to attend the symposium with teachers and students from Institute of Modern Chinese History. The symposium took place in the conference room on the fifth floor of Institute of Modern Chinese History. The symposium was hosted by Zhu Ying, director of our institute. The other attendants included Professor Luo Fuhui, Fu Haiyan, Liu Jiafeng, Xu Xiaoqing, etc. Professor Sang pointed out that the study of Chinese modern history requires innovation, comprehension, and breaking of limitation and prejudice between disciplines. Professor Guan Xiaohong also shared some experience in collecting information, a method from which the students learned a lot. The teachers, students and two professors made a lively discussion on the above questions and problems they came across in study.

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