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The Publication of Professor Zhang Kaiyuan’s New Book Out of Modern Chinese History

    This book is a collection of Zhang Kaiyuan's years of thoughts and experience in studies and education, constituting a faithful portrayal of his noble quality and personality charm.This book contains Mr. Zhang’s essays over the years,including observation and revision of historical facts, comments on articles,admiration and thinking of the world as well as reflections of the past, demonstrating the mental process of a historian in academic research and social activities.These articles  are the highlights of many excellent works of Mr. Zhang, who adheres to the historical materialism and reviews historical events and figures in a comprehensive, objective and impartial way, which embodies the noble character of Mr. Zhang towards history. As a historian, he has such a high sense of social responsibility that he shows his concern for the society, his pursuit and support of justice, his criticism to the  disadvantages of the secular world, his indoctrination and ardent expectations for the later generations of scholars in the book.

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