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Chinese Politics and Commerce – Yu QiaQing and His Age, written byFeng Xiaocai: Social Science Academic Press, 2013 Version
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           From the perspective of politics and commerce, the book selects Yu Qiaqing, a person without much fame. It takes his personal history and political and commercial issues as the framework, and untangles the historical veins of the evolution of political and commercial structures through case study. The author spent 18 years and set his foot on the libraries and archives in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Chongqing, Taiwan, Nanjing and Ningbo to exhume the scattered materials. Anyone who did the collection tasks can feel the joys and sorrows of the tough work. Besides these archives, the author searched a number of periodicals, magazines, reference books, related works and academic papers, which enriches the sources and enhances the credibility of the book.

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