New Books Recommendation
Tang Baolin: A Biography of Chen Duxiu, Social Science Academic Press, 2013 Version

      The book is the culmination of Chen Duxiu Study. Utilizing original classified files and inheriting previous research achievements, the author Tang Baolin spent thirty years studying the ups and downs of Chen’s life and fully demonstrated Chen’s true history and charisma. The major contents of the book include: first, Chen’s family, early life and love experiences. Second, the founding of New Youth, the launching of the New Culture Movement, participation in founding Communist Party of China, the contributions and errors in Chen’s tenure as the Party leader, and his relationship with the Communist International. Third, Chen’s relationship with Trotskyists and related propositions and activities. Fourth, Chen’s relationship with Kuomintang. Fifth, pure academic studies of philology and etc. The book answers the questions and puzzles about Chen Duxiu and provides a new point of view and perspective for Chinese Communist Party history research.

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