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Journal of Modern Chinese History (10th Volume)

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Xinhai Revolution Studies

Ding Jian: Ordinary Character with Grand History: Yuan Keding in Xinhai Revolution
Peng Jian: Comments on the Polemic between Qing Dynasty Ji Tangqiu and Revolutionaries
Monographic Studies
Qi Xuemin: The Influence of Weng Tongsu’s Academic Suzerain and Intercommunication
Zhang Zhiyong: Hart and Sino-British Terms of Tibet and India
Huang Zhongxin: The Commercial Center and Its Changes in the Middle Reaches of Han River since Qing Dynasty
Ai Jing: Analysis on the Restraint of Family Discipline and Clan Rule on Female Crimes
Jiang Manqing: On Horizontal Joint Operation of National Captial from the 1920s to the 1930s
Ma Linghe, Wang Pingzi: Shenqi Incident: Multidimensional Interpretations on Modern Times External Debt of Private Enterprises
Wu Minchao: The Union of Left Wings – Research Centered on Qian Jiaxun and “China Rural School”
Yan Shuqin: Selection and Integration of the Republic of China Academic Circle to US Sociological Theory: Study on Sociological Sinicization in the Republic of China Era in One Aspect


Academic Contention

Li Peide: History of Bank of China – Archives, Entities and Interpretation Method

Hong Zhenqiang: How Should We Understand Chinese Rational Nationalism – in Discussion with Mr. Ye Jiang

New Book Review

He Xiaoming: Memory is the Responsibility of Inheritance and Interpretation is the Glory of Creation – Review of Luo Fuhui and Zhu Yin’s Centennial Memory and Interpretation of Xinhai Revolution

Wang Longfei: Brief Comment on Science of Historical Data of Modern Chinese History

Li Menghua: A Masterpiece on Party Judiciary Issues – Review of Li Zaiquan’s book
Rule of Law and Rule of Party – Party Jurisdiction of Kuomintang Administration(1923-1948)





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