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               Ma Min was born in Yaan, Sichuan Province in June, 1955. He was awarded the title Professor and Doctoral Supervisor and once served as the president of Huazhong Normal University. At present he is the secretary of the Party committee in Huazhong Normal University. In addition, he is the vice president of Association of Chinese Historians, a committee member in Department of Historiography of Social Sciences Committee of Ministry of Education, chairman of History Teaching Committee of Ministry of Higher Education, chairman of Hubei Social Sciences Association and so on. He is engaged in the research on modern history of China, especially the history of 1911 Revolution, the social and economic history, the history of Chinese chambers of commerce, the history of Chinese expo, as well as the history of missionary universities.

Representative works:

Transition Ideology: the Mystery of the Constitution of Early Bourgeoisie in China, published by China Social Sciences Press in 1992.

Links Between Officials and Merchants: Modern Gentry and Merchants Under Tremendous Social Changes, published by Tianjin People's Publishing House in 1995.

The Evolution of Entrepreneurship: a Study on the Mentality of Modern Chinese Merchants, published by Huazhong Normal University Press in 2001.

Broadening Historical Horizons: Interpretation and Perception, published by Huazhong Normal University Press in 2006.

A Duet for Tradition and Modern Era: the Chamber of Commerce of Suzhou in the Late Qing Dynasty as Case Study, published by Bashu Publishing House in 1993. Mamin co-authored the book.

Oriental Cultural and Modern Civilization, published by Hubei People’s Publishing House in 2001. Mamin co-authored the book.

The Compromise Between Christianity and Chinese and Western Culture, published by Huazhong Normal University Press in 2013.

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