Zhu Ying

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           Zhuying, who was born in Wuhan, Hubei province in October, 1956, was awarded the title Professor, Doctoral Supervisor and Chang Jiang Scholars, and once served as the dean of School of History and Culture of Huazhong Normal University. At present he is the Bureau Chief in Institute of Chinese Modern History of Huazhong Normal University. Meanwhile, he holds the posts of the director of Association of Chinese Historians, the president of Research Institute of the History of 1911 Revolution, and librarian in Hubei Culture and History Library, devoting himself to studying the history of 1911 Revolution, the history of Chinese chambers of commerce, social and economic history in modern China and so on.

Representative works:
Neoteric Communities of Merchants During the 1911 Revolution, published by China Renmin University Press in 1991.

An Introduction to Early Bourgeoisie in China, published by Henan University Press in 1992.
Economic Policies and Reforms in the Late Qing Dynasty, published by Huazhong Normal University Press in 1996.

Culture Changes During the Commercial Revolution: Modern Merchants in Shanghai and Shanghai School, published by Huazhong University of Science & Technology Press in 1996

Society and State in Transitional China: Analysis of the History Composed Mainly of Modern Chinese Commercial Chambers, published by Huazhong Normal University Press in 1997.

Merchants and Society in Modern China, published by Hubei Education Press in 2001.

Radical Views on Commercial Chambers, Guilds and Commercial Associations,published by China Renmin University Press in 2008.

Economic Development and Social Vicissitudes in Modern China, published by Hubei People’s Publishing House in 2008.

A Duet for Tradition and Modern Era: the Chamber of Commerce of Suzhou in the Late Qing Dynasty as Case Study, published by Bashu Publishing House in 1993. Zhuying co-authored the book.

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